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Saturday, August 7, 2010

#7 - Garage Sales at Their Best

A couple of weeks ago, I went home to my parents' house for my hometown annual town festival. One of the "big" attractions is the city-wide garage sales. My mom and I went to one because I wanted to check out the kittens they had (yes... kittens at a garage sale). Unfortunately they didn't have the kind we were looking for. But... we found this!
A gently used rocking recliner! I was so excited to find this and it was only $30. We needed another piece of seating furniture in our downstairs living room. It goes well with the coloring of the room and I can put my feet up.

I just got it to the house yesterday. When I was at my parents' place (100 miles away) I had our Camry... there's no way this would have fit. So, I had to wait 2 weeks until my mom had the free time to bring it up in a larger vehicle. Now it's home safe and sound, and ready to be used!

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